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ISSUE 92 - November 2009
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Air Display Weekend – CFB Trenton – Part 2

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Roslin, Ontario, Canada

At one time Canadian Forces Base Trenton in Eastern Ontario drew crowds from all over Ontario, upstate New York, Michigan, Ohio and elsewhere with their semi-annual airshow. To read Part 1 of this article, see last week's eFLYER #91.

Three CHAA Harvard aircraft take off in formation before their demonstration, left. At the end of the day, five Harvards salute the base and the remaining crowds before heading home, right.

Flying a beautiful demonstration for the crowds was the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (CHAA) flying Harvard aircraft, similar to the T-6 Texan flown in the USA. CHAA operates several Mk II and Mk IV Harvards during a number of airshows throughout Ontario and in parts of north-eastern United States and are always popular. With “Smoke-On” they dance on wingtips, roll, and loop leaving a signature of white smoke in the sky above.

The CC-177 Globemaster performing a max-performance take off during its demonstration, left. The Globemaster showing off some of its capabilities by turning ‘on a dime’ on the runway before heading back into the air for more flying, right.

The newest addition to the Canadian Air Force is the CC-177 (C-117) Globemaster, heavy lift tactical aircraft. Four are now operating with the CF adding capabilities to the Air Force that they’ve never had. For many years the old and venerable CC-130 held the job of transporting Canadian Forces personnel and their equipment along with leased Russian Antonov aircraft. However, with the addition of the CC-177 the Canadian Forces can now deploy to and operate virtually anywhere in the world without the need of outside sources. An impressive airplane, the Canadian Air Force crew showed off their new aircraft, putting it through its paces to an awe-struck crowd.

The Vintage Wings Golden Hawk Sabre, Hawk One, sitting on the tarmac with the Centennial of Flight CF-188 Hornet (right and behind the Sabre) and the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, background and left side. The Hawk One Sabre in a high speed pass, right.

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Powered Flight in Canada, the Vintage Wings Golden Hawks Sabre, Hawk One, flew a superb demonstration with retired Canadian Air Force pilot LCol. Steve “Swill” Will at the controls. His Trenton Air Display demonstration was dedicated to former Golden Hawks demonstration pilot, LCol Peter Howe who sadly passed away only a week or so before the show. To honour Howe, arrangements were made to fly his ashes in a storage compartment of the Sabre during the show. His wife and family were present, including his two grandsons who spent a touching moment on the wing of the Sabre, honouring their grandfather.

Flying as part of the Centennial of Flight Air Demonstration Team, the CF-188 Hornet and Hawk One Sabre perform a beautiful pass for the crowd, left. The Centennial of Flight Demonstration Hornet performs a high-speed pass, right.

The Hawk One sabre also flew in formation with the Centennial of Flight CF-188 Demonstration Hornet, flown by Capt. Tim “Donor” Woods, and one of the CT-114 Snowbirds Tutors (normally, flying as part of the Centennial of Flight team was the Golden Centennaires Tutor but it was unavailable). The three aircraft flew in spectacular formation to honour Canadian Aviation history over the past 100 years. Capt. Woods also performed an awesome display in the CF-188 Hornet, demonstrating the capabilities of the aircraft.

Three Snowbirds take to the sky before their demonstration with the new CFB Trenton control tower in the background, left. Though the Snowbirds team was short one pilot and airplane for their performance at Trenton, their display was no less impressive, right.

Rounding out the Air Display were the Canadian Forces Snowbirds flying the CT-114 Canadair Tutor. Designed in 1958 as a jet trainer specifically for the Canadian Air Force, the airplane first flew in 1960 and has flown with the Canadian Forces since. Though Canadair stopped producing the airplane in 1966 and it’s no longer used for training purposes, this amazing little jet continues to fly with the Canadian Air Force as part of the Snowbirds Air Demonstration Team. The aircraft is showing its age but is expected to fly until at least 2012 with the team and may potentially fly until as late as 2020 with upgrades and constant care & maintenance.

Vintage Wings of Canada brought several aircraft to help honour the history of the base and the Royal Canadian Air Force with their Mustang, left, and Spitfire, right, showing off the tight but tidy cockpits.

There were many ground displays inside one of the large hangars, both civilian and military. From aviation prints and models, to aircraft and pilot supplies, to an assortment of Air Force and Army display booths, there was something for young and old. Visitors had the opportunity to meet and chat with military personnel from all branches and aspects of the Canadian Forces and to thank them for the service they perform for their country.

The Snowbirds sitting on the tarmac, flight helmets at the ready, left. A CT-144 Canadair Challenger popped by for a flypast, right.

The Trenton Air Display was one of the best ‘airshows’ the base has put on in many, many years. It was well organized, well run, and free. Sadly, this may be the last ‘airshow’ at CFB Trenton for many years to come as the base is going through $1 billion infrastructure upgrades over the next four years. It will be reborn as an updated, modern air force base when the construction and upgrades are completed and, with any luck, a return to the airshow circuit will be in order for 8 Wing and CFB Trenton. They did themselves proud in 2009, no doubt about it!

The Globemaster crew demonstrated the impressive turning radius of the airplane by performing a 360 degree turn within the boundaries of the airfield, left. The size of the Globemaster is obvious when you look at it head on and notice the head of one of the crew sticking out an access door above the cockpit, right.

The Centennial of Flight team includes the CF-188 Demonstration Hornet, the Vintage Wings, Golden Hawk F-86 Sabre, Hawk One, and a Canadian Forces Tutor, in this case a Snowbird, left. In a head-on and overhead pass, the CC-150 Polaris flies a refuelling demo with two CF-188 Hornets, one on each wing, right.

Snowbirds in a beautiful, climbing formation, left. The Vintage Wings Golden Hawks Sabre in formation with the Snowbirds, right.

Three Snowbirds in a nice silhouette formation pass.

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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