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ISSUE 96 - December 2009
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2009 Classic Air Rallye – Part 2

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Roslin, Ontario, Canada

Part 1 of this article was presented in our previous eFlyer, #95.

Vintage Wings of Canada always supports the Classic Air Rallye and this year two of the aircraft they brought were the Harvard Mk IV, left, and their Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI, right.

Vintage Wings of Canada out of Gatineau, Quebec continuously supports the rallye with a strong contingent of vintage and historic aircraft. Founded by Mr. Michael Potter and ‘staffed’ by a dedicated group of volunteers, Vintage Wings strives to keep Canada’s aviation history alive for generations to come. Each aircraft is dedicated to honour those who tirelessly flew and worked toward opening up the world of aviation to every part of Canada. Whether a bush plane, a World War Two fighter, or a trainer, each and every aircraft has a story that needs to be told. Young and old have something to learn from these aircraft and the pilots who flew them, the people who designed them, the mechanics who worked on them, and those who brought Canada into the forefront of aviation throughout the history of the airplane.

This beautiful Bellanca Cruisair, owned and flown by Alain De Hondt of Quebec participates in the show with a number of flypasts, left. An unusual airplane in Canadian skies is this Antonov AN-2, right.

There are pilots who bring their aircraft to the Rockcliffe every year, marking it on their calendar well in advance of the show. Some of the airplanes that are seen at the annual event include the Temco/Globe Swift, Cessna 190, Bellanca Cruisair, and the Republic Seabee. The classic beauty, fine lines, and unique designs of all the attending aircraft make it a great place to see how aircraft progressed through the early years of aviation. Though many aircraft came to life through the minds of different people, they all have a historic significance in the world of aviation, brought to life once again when the engine is fired up and the airplane takes to the sky.

The Seabee, sometimes said to be the ugliest beautiful airplane around, left. A true Canadian icon, the DHC Beaver from Vintage Wings of Canada, is always a favourite of the crowd, right.

There are those who feel airplanes such as these should be kept in a museum to ensure they live on for years. However, airplanes are meant to fly and fly these do! Through care and maintenance and the loving hands of those who continue to operate the classic beauties, we should see history continue to fly for years to come. If you’d like to participate in to the Classic Air Rallye in your own piece of aviation history, or you’d just like to see airplanes that flew long before the technological advances we have in aircraft today, travel to Ottawa for a holiday. While you’re there, visit Rockcliffe for the rallye, and see ‘living’ aviation history take to the skies over the capital of Canada. You won’t be disappointed!

One of the most beautiful World War Two fighters still flying today and a new addition to the Air Rallye was Vintage Wings of Canada P-40 Kittyhawk. Unfortunately, there was a mechanical issue with the airplane and it wasn’t able to fly.

For more information about the Classic Air Rallye visit:

For more information about the National Aviation Museum visit:

For more information about Vintage Wings of Canada visit:

For more information on the National Capital Region of Canada visit:

Vintage Wings of Canada founder and pilot, Mr. Michael Potter, performs a high-speed pass in the Spit, left. The Spitfire and Kittyhawk taxi across the active toward the parking area, right.
Another nice pass of the Seabee, left. The Vintage Wings of Canada Staggerwing takes off and heads back to home base in Gatineau, right.
As the day ended and the rain clouds slid off to the east, the DHC Beaver headed for home and there ends another Classic Air Rallye.

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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