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ISSUE 133 - August 2010
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The Greatest Show on Turf - Part II

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Roslin, Ontario, Canada

Last week we visited "The Greatest Show on Turf" at Geneseo, New York. This week, we view more of the airshow.

U.S. Air Force New York Air Guard ski equipped LC-130 Hercules.

The C-130 Hercules aircraft is not a rarity in skies around the world, however the U.S. Air Force, New York Air Guard brought one of four LC-130's that are ski equipped. These massive skis slung under the airplane and around the undercarriage look very odd on the airplane while taxiing along the grass, but they perform a valuable service during winter months. Though the skis don't fully retract in flight, they do snug up a little tighter to the fuselage in flight, more-so than they are during ground operations.

The two B-25 Mitchell's, left, and two of the P-51 Mustang's, right, in flypasts for the crowd.

Another great sight in the skies above Geneseo was the performance and passes by the B-17, two B-25's, and four P-51 Mustangs. These beautiful airplanes flew their show in a similar fashion to that of a wartime operation where the bombers would form up in massive groups on route to their target(s) while their little buddies, the fighters, would patrol the skies above (and below) in an effort to keep enemy fighters away. What a marvelous sight and sound.

A beautiful Vultee BT-13, left, and a replica Japanese "Kate" bomber right.

Other aircraft that flew the skies during the show were the Curtiss Helldiver, an FG-1D Corsair, a Vultee BT-13, several T-6 Texans/SNJ Navy, and aerobatic performances by a Jungmeister biplane and Window World MX2 flown by Rob Holland. There were also flypasts by various trainers such the Stearman, Stinson, Luscombe, Ercoupe, a Canadian built Fleet Canuck, and several other airplanes.

Manfred Radius performs a silent demonstration in his Salto saiplane while smoke trails from his wingtips, left. At the end of his performance, he approaches just feet off the ground, inverted, cutting a ribbon with his wings, right.

The quietest part of the show was a performance by Canadian glider pilot Manfred Radius who performs an aerial ballet in his Salto sailplane. With smoke trailing from the wingtips, Radius wheels and flings his sailplane through the sky, finishing with an inverted ribbon cutting a mere 20' feet off the ground, followed by a short climb to roll from the inverted position, and a dive back down almost to ground level to pick up speed in order to complete a 180 degree turn back to the airfield for landing.

The four visiting P-51's perform the "missing man" formation with "Red Tail" climbing up as the "missing man," left. A beautiful pass by the C-47, right.

If you've never been to Geneseo New York for their airshow then mark it on your calendar for 2011. Fly in or drive in and join the many RV's parked on the airport grounds for a weekend of flying, festivities and fun. If you don't RV or camp, then Rochester, New York is only 20 minutes away with numerous hotels and motels and many places to eat. Come see the show..... It truly is "The Greatest Show on Turf!"

"Glamorous Gal" P-51 takes to the air, barely off the ground with gear coming up, left. As the gear comes up, "Glamorous Gal" banks sharply right to climb away and meet the other fighters before their flypast, right.

For more information on the 1941 Historical AIr Group visit

Beautiful B-17

For more information on CHAA/CHAT visit

CHAA/CHAT Harvards

For more information on Canadian Warplane Heritage visit

CWH Lysander, left, and Firefly, right.

For more information on the Commemorative Air Force visit

CAP P-51 not long after sunrise.

For more information about Manfred Radius visit

Manfred Radius performing a breathtaking display.

For more information on the Great War Flying Museum visit

The B-17 taxies into a parking position on the grass, looking as she may
have looked after returning from one of its missions over wartime Europe.
By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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