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ISSUE 137 - September 2010
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A Cup of Vintage - A Pinch of Classic - A Dash of New

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Roslin, Ontario, Canada

Canadian Warplane Heritage Dakota in an "airshow arrival pass."

If you're an aviation enthusiast and you've never been to Canada there are many reasons to visit, among them, any number of air shows across the country on any given weekend from May to October. Among these shows, during the last weekend in August, is an annual event at the Rockcliffe Airport called "The Classic Air Rallye (rally)."

Rockcliffe Airport and the Canada Aviation & Space Museum, left. A view of some of the Capital Region of Canada from the cockpit of Brian Robinson's Seabee, right.

It is more than just an air show but also a place where pilots can fly-in and participate in the flypasts (pre-arranged), where owners of classic cars can drive in and show their vehicles, and an opportunity to visit one of Canada's national museums, the Canada Aviation & Space Museum.

Vintage Wings of Canada's FG-1D Corsair in a flypast with pilot John Aitken at the controls, left. A different view of the VWC Corsair, right, showing off the tail decal celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy.

This year's event celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy with the participation of the Vintage Wings of Canada FG-1D Corsair with John Aitken performing several wonderful flypasts in the aircraft. Vintage Wings also brought their "yellow" airplanes, the Harvard and DHC Tiger Moth, both of which participated in the 'trainers' flypasts with a Fleet Finch. VWC's Mustang was also on hand for static display.

Canada's latest purchase for the Air Force, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, left. Canadian Air Force CF-18 pilot Major Radiff discusses the new fighter for the media, right.

The newest purchase for the Canadian Air Force was on display, the F-35 "Lightning" Joint Strike Fighter. With its brightly painted vertical "V" tail stabilizers and, placed very near the gate, you could not pass by the aircraft without having a good walk-round to see what Canadian fighter pilots will be flying sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Brian Robinson's super Republic Seabee powered by a V8 Corvette engine, left. The historic Canadian designed and built de Havilland Beaver, this one with a 600HP engine and massive tundra tires, right.

There were several vintage/classic airplanes that participated in the event, some static and some which took part in flypasts during the day. One of the most unique airplanes was flown by one of the nicest guys you will meet in the aviation community, Brian Robinson of Peterborough, flying his Republic Seabee sporting a powerful V8 Corvette engine, giving it a pretty impressive increase in performance. Joining him in the air was another classic airplane with a twist, the venerable DHC Beaver with a 600HP engine and massive tundra tires. Both aircraft performed several passes, showing off the lines and features of the airplanes.

Vintage Wings of Canada's newly restored and recently flying Lysander, left. Canadian Warplane Heritage also brought their target towing painted Lysander, right.

Canadian Warplane Heritage's uniquely painted Lysander, which took to the air for the first time in 2009 after a 22+ year restoration, flew in from the Hamilton, Ontario region to take part in flypasts with the newly restored and flying Vintage Wings of Canada Lysander. For the first time in many, many years, two Lysander aircraft flew together at the same time performing several superb passes and great photo opportunities for all those with a camera.

Canadian Forces Canadair Challenger performing a high speed flypast, left,
and a "down & dirty" pass, right.

The Canadian Air Force participated with two quick flypasts by one of their Canadair Challengers with both a high speed and "down and dirty" pass. Also taking to the air for the first time at the show were both a North American L-17 Navion and a Focke Wulf FWP 149D, two unique aircraft from different designers and different countries but with similar lines.

Noorduyn Norseman on static display outside the museum, left. A visiting Stearman "fires" up at the end of the day, preparing to do some passenger rides, right.

On the tarmac as part of the static display was a beautiful, almost fully restored Noorduyn Norseman. The airplane has been in restoration for several years with more work yet to come. It is a stunning example of this one time competitor bush plane of the classic de Havilland Beaver. Several other static airplanes joined the Norseman on display, as well as some vintage cars and former Canadian Army vehicles. There was something for everyone to see and enjoy, including the opportunity to tour the museum itself in which a vast array of Canadian aviation history, aircraft and memorabilia can be found.

The Vintage Wings of Canada Lysander prepares to take to the air as the Canadian Warplane Heritage (yellow & black) Lysander follows closely behind, left. The two Lysander's taking part in flypasts, right.

So, next August make plans to fly or drive to Canada's Capital Region and visit the Classic Air Rallye. Come for a visit and take in the many different museums, parks, and other tourist attractions the week before the Rallye and then come to Rockcliffe where, with a cup of vintage, a pinch of classic and a dash of new, it's a recipe for a great day!

Beautiful old North American Navion, left,
and a Focke Wulf FWP 149D, right, performed several flypasts.


Vintage Wings of Canada premier P-51 Mustang on static display, left.
A beautiful Fleet Finch, an early World War II training aircraft taxies in, right.


VWC "Lizzie" takes to the air, left, followed by the CWH Lizzie,
fighting a bit of crosswind, right


Beautifully built Bucker Jungmann Bu 131 replica sits on the grass as the sun rises over Rockcliffe before another Classic Air Rallye.

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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