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Ontario's Largest Fly-in
By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Watford, Ontario, Canada
One of the most popular aircraft that makes the trip to Edenvale for the Gathering of Classics Fly-in is the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum North American B-25 Mitchell.
Edenvale Aerodrome (CNV8), near Stayner, Ontario hosts the largest fly-in event in Ontario every year and the August 6, 2016 fly-in is looking to be another fantastic day. Edenvale Airport, a one-time satellite relief BCATP field for CFB Borden during World War II, is also home of the Canadian ultralight Challenger as well as to many wonderful and historic aircraft and a great place to spend a day enjoying them, as well as a classic car show.
The CWH Mitchell garners lots of attention whether in the air or on the ground.
Of the hundreds of aircraft that usually make the trip to Edenvale, one of the most popular is the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum B-25 Mitchell. A short flight from its home in Hamilton, Ontario, the B-25 crew bring the big twin-engine bomber into Edenvale to promote the event and the CWH Museum. A bonus to the Mitchell coming to the event is that you can book a flight in this beautiful aircraft so visit the CWH website and get your trip booked before they sell out!
CHAA is always prominent at the fly-in and will attend with
at least two aircraft from their fleet.
Not to be outdone, the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association also bring a Harvard or two, along with their museum store. Their 70+ year old Canadian built version of the T-6 Texan are beautifully maintained and a flight experience in the Harvard is something you'll enjoy and remember for years. Their experienced pilots will have you enjoying every minute of the flight over the beautiful countryside of central Ontario. Visit their website to get your flight booked!
You can book a flight in the Edenvale Tiger Moth, left, or their lovely Fleet Canuck, right.
The Edenvale folks also offer flights in one of their aircraft including their beautiful de Havilland Tiger Moth, the Fleet Canuck, Fairchild Cornell or their Super Diamant. Each of these aircraft are available for a flight allowing you to experience a fantastic 20 or 40 minute trip over central Ontario with views of Lake Huron to the north and Lake Ontario to the south. Flight bookings are available on their website or by booking the day of the fly-in upon your arrival, IF they're not already fully booked for the day.
The unique looking Questair Venture Model 20
has been to the fly-in and, with any luck, will return.
There are also many private aircraft owners who make the trip for the day. You can see unusual and unique aircraft such as this Questair/Air New Venture with it's CF-18 style landing gear. In 1991 the Venture set a new record for time-to-climb in its class by completing a climb to 3000 metres in 2 minutes & thirty one seconds, which stood unbroken until 1999. Depending on engine type, it has a maximum speed of 305mph with a cruise of 275mph and a range of over 1,100 miles.
The T-28 Trojan is a big, radial engine post-World War II aircraft that was utilised by the USAF and US Navy, among other air forces.
In 2015 Danny Richer brought his beautiful North American T-28 Trojan in from Brantford, Ontario. The T-28 first flew in 1949 and was introduced to the USAF in 1950. They also flew with the US Navy, South Vietnamese Air Force, French Air Force and the Philippine Air Force, with the last T-28's having retired from the PAF in 1994. There were 1948 T-28 built, though some were also built with Hamilton Aircraft who built two versions called the Nomair. The T-28 had a maximum speed of 343mph and a range of over 1000 miles.
CH2A has 7 aircraft in their inventory and this de Havilland of Canada Chipmunk is one of two that are airworthy with the museum.
You might also get to see a de Havilland of Canada Chipmunk from the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association in Windsor, Ontario. The Canadian Historical Aircraft Association, CH2A, is located at the west end of Windsor International Airport and occupies a former 1940 BCATP hangar of #7 Elementary Flying Training School. Apart from the Chipmunk, their collection also includes a Boeing Stearman (flying), a Canadian Car & Foundry built Harvard Mk IV (flying), a Canadair T-33 Silver Star (static), a second DHC-1 Chipmunk (flying) and two aircraft currently under restoration, a Canadian built A. V. Roe Lancaster and a de Havilland of Canada Mosquito. Visit their website to see updates on the restorations.
This L-19 Bird Dog in Canadian Army markings.
A recent edition to aircraft in the skies over Ontario is an L-19 Bird Dog which was once owned & operated by the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Pacific Region Gliding School as a glider tow aircraft. The L-19 was purchased from the air cadets in 2014 and had restoration and paint work done, putting it back into Canadian Army markings. The Cessna Bird Dog was first used by the Canadian Army in support of Army artillery units scouting for targets. Information would be relayed to the artillery units and would remain in the airspace, under the arc of the artillery shell, in order to spot the location of the falling rounds and then conveying that information back to the gunners to allow for adjustment of fire, if necessary. The L-19 had a top speed of 115mph, cruise of 104mph and a range of over 500 miles.
Edenvale is home of the Canadian Challenger Ultralight.
Edenvale is also home to the distributor of the Canadian Challenger, a very popular ultralight aircraft. There are several Challengers hangared at Edenvale and many more make the trip from various parts to participate in the fly-in. As Ontario is the land of thousands of lakes and rivers, many Challengers operate on floats throughout the summer and then wheels and/or skis during the winter months. Performance varies, depending on type and whether you fly the long wing or clipped wing, but maximum speed ranges from 100mph - 120mph with a cruise of 85mph - 90mph respectively. It also has a very low stall speed of 24mph - 32mph solo, 28mph - 37mph dual. It's a wonderful aircraft for both the novice and the experienced. Visit the Canadian Challenger website for more info on the aircraft.
There is also a classic car event where you can see such unique vehicles such as this Daytona, left. You will also find a few vendors such as famed Canadian author and Avro Arrow specialist, Marc-Andre Valiquette, right.
They also hold a classic car event with beautiful cars from all over Ontario making the trip to showcase their classic and vintage vehicles. There are cars from the 1930s into more modern styles and types including cars, trucks and even a few vintage motorcycles. There will also be a number of different food and other vendors plus the airport restaurant, Bistro 26, where you can enjoy various meals and a pint. Some vendors sell assorted items such as t-shirts, hats decals, models and books, such as those written and sold by Canadian author and Avro Arrow expert, Marc-Andre Valiquette, who will be at the 2016 event selling his fabulous assortment of books.
There are a wide variety of aircraft that fly in for the Gathering
including aeroplanes and ultralights as well as warbirds and helicopters.
You will also see a vast array of privately owned aircraft types that make the trip. From your typical Cessna 150 and 172's to Aeronca Chief and Champs, Aerocoupes, Luscombes and more. You'll see a wide variety of aircraft from all over Ontario and often a few that make the trip in from various border states. Depending on the type of aircraft you fly, and where you clear customs if coming from the USA, Edenvale is less than an hour from the south-western US/Canada border, 20 - 30 minutes from Toronto, and 1 - 2 hour flight from eastern Ontario border points. It's worth the flight or the drive.
Don't miss out on visiting the Edenvale Gathering of Classics Fly-in
on August 6, 2016 (rain date, Sunday, August 7).
Edenvale Gathering of Classics:
If you're coming to the aerodrome, just look for the MiG displayed
alongside the highway. You can't miss it!
Edenvale Aerodrome:
Get your flight in the CWH Museum B-25 before rides sell out!
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum:
If you would rather fly in a less crowded aircraft,
try a Harvard flight in one of the CHAA Harvards.
Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association:
If you're in Windsor, or area, make sure you visit the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association hangar where you can see the de Havilland Chipmunk.
Canadian Historical Aircraft Association:
If you're interested in purchasing a Challenger, visit their website to learn more.
Canadian Challenger Ultralights:
The Edenvale Tiger Moth, left, and Canuck, right.

Cessna 172N on floats, left,
and a lovely little Piper Cub, right, on final, visiting the Gathering.

Even the occasional jet will show up to the event such
as this L-29 from Viper North/Waterloo Warbirds.
By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
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