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ISSUE 97 - December 2009
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Museum of Flight (Boeing field) Part 1

By Bernard Zee, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Fremont, California

One of the must see places in Seattle, WA (if you like anything about aviation at all) would be the Museum of Flight. They have a wonderful collection of historical planes displayed in an attractive and eye-catching manner. They even have full motion flight simulators which you can try flying (for an additional fee). A hint about that though, if you elect to fly the non-combat jets, get some instruction on which buttons to retract the landing gear and flaps. We spent the entire time bumbling around barely able to get off the ground in a F-22. The shame! The WWII combat missions were more fun, and forgiving. After a couple of rounds, I was all sweating from hanging upside down and spinning and such. Didn't yak though, which is at least somewhat comforting.
Resting outside the front of the Museum of Flight is a loaded up A-6 Intruder.

Beside it is one of my all time favorite aircraft - the F-14 Tomcat, in Jolly Roger colors!

The Jolly Rogers of VF-84 is perhaps best known for their movie appearance
in Final Countdown, flying off the carrier USS Nimitz. For the longest time, I thoug
all F-14s were painted like that! :-)

My love for that color scheme was further re-enforced by the Skull-1 Veritech
(from the Robotech Anime)- which was a straight copy of the Jolly Rogers
F-14 paint job. Oh yes, I'm such a geek!

Off on the other side of the building is this AV-8C Harrier II.

A large and unique aircraft at the Musuem is the WB-47E Stratojet. B-47 Stratojets
were a medium range, medium bomber used by SAC in the 50's and 60's. The WB-47Es
were modified for weather reconnaissance and were stripped of combat gear, including
the tail turret. They were fitted with cameras in the nose to take pictures of cloud
formations, and carried a special meteorological instrument pod in the bomb bay.

As you walk into the main building's Great Gallery, planes of all different
vintage can be seen on display.

Here, the Lockheed M-21 Blackbird takes centerstage. The M-21 is a unique variant
of the A-12, which carried unpiloted drones for intelligence gathering. Easily mistaken
for the more famous SR-71 Blackbird - which everyone is familiar with!

This Boeing 80A-1 was one of the first planes to be designed fo
passenger service. That's a DC-3 behind it.

Another shot of the awesome Blackbird.

A closer look at the nacelle of the Pratt & Whittney J58 engine.

A MiG-21 PFM Fishbed-F is also displayed in the gallery.

My daughter posing as a Sled driver!

One of the more awesome planes to see action - the McDonnell F-4C (F-110A) Phantom II. This plane shot down 3 North Vietnamese Mig-21s.

The MiG-15 saw action in the Korean war - where the first
jet vs. jet dogfight with F-80s occurred.

This A-4F Skyhawk is painted in Blue Angels colors.

Small, light, and nimble, the Blues used the Skyhawk as its
demonstration aircraft for 13 years.

In the WWII exhibit is this Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX.

A Lockheed P-38L Lightning.

A beautiful Curtiss P-40N Warhawk, set in its own diorama.
More amazing photos in the next Barnstormers eFlyer....sign-up here to get your copy!
By Bernard Zee, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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