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"I just felt a need to write and tell you what a fantastic job you folks do. You obviously have the finest aviation sales site - without exception. I don’t know how you do it with your very modest fees. Thank you for your tremendous service." - Bill Tuchscherer - Oshkosh, Wisconsin - 14 Jun, 2024
"Thank you for keeping the world's greatest aviation marketplace going! Decades ago, it was always "check Trade-A-Plane" when looking for something. Now I rarely hear TAP mentioned: it's always "" You've become the eBay and Google of aviation and I'm surprised you haven't received some big award or trophy in recognition of your contributions to aviation. Soft landings, Andy" - Andy Gelston - Grantham, New Hampshire - 28 Nov, 2023
"Our house and hangar sold after 5 days. We live in Texas and a family from Alaska bought it. Thank you Barnstormers!" - Jimmie Miles - Hilltop Lakes, Texas - 22 Sep, 2023
"We have been pleased with past results from Barnstormers. About two years ago, we advertised a Christen Eagle and had a buyer for it in ten days. And then a year and a half ago, we had a Cessna 170 (with a Franklin engine) that sold in 30 days. THANK YOU so much." - Darrell and Milene Radford - Templeton, California - 20 Sep, 2023
"Thanks for having Barnstormers available. I enjoy looking at everything that comes up for sale." - Jeff Waltermire - La Grange, Wyoming - 05 Sep, 2023
"I knew you would enjoy how business gets done on your great classified site. I get the best business done here. Trade-A-Plane is no competition. Even though I put an ad up there it is much less effective. Kind Regards, Ben" - Peter "Ben" Reese - Carson City, Nevada - 04 Sep, 2023
"I am a Private pilot and A&P who has for many years enjoyed the many privileges, perks and joys offered by the General Aviation community here in these United States of America. And in the world we now find ourselves living in, this type of experience is becoming increasingly rare. A part of that world is One almost gets the feel that the site is run "as a labor of love" in order to serve a community that wants to support. I enjoy just browsing the listings from time to time... just for fun. It can give a sense of many things of interest. Running such a website involves a significant financial burden, frustration, and dealing with some of the lesser elements of our world that attack anything of value. It is a truly amazing place, and I would like to pass on my thanks for running it, and keep up the good work!" - Allan Coxon - Ford, Washington - 04 Sep, 2023
"We love Barn$tormers!" - Sal Rehman, Chief Manager - NAS Trading LLC - Aero & Tech - Miami, Florida - 23 Aug, 2023
"I'm a fan. Thanks to you, I quickly sold a Bellanca Viking, a Stearman, and most recently a J-3. You have a great platform for moving wings into welcoming hands." - Tim Averett - Winter Haven, Florida - 16 Aug, 2023
"You have "the BEST for sale aviation related ads online.... the best, bar none. Keep up the great work........."" - Sid Hausding - Alpena, Michigan - 03 Aug, 2023
"Barnstormers was crucial on this sale and I really appreciate the service your website offers! Ended up driving that case and crank to Oklahoma from New York and making quite a lot more for it than expected. Wouldn't have happened without your website. I have a project plane to sell that needs more attention and look forward to spending some money with your website! Thank you again, Jeff" - Jeffrey Foster - Romulus, New York - 28 May, 2023
"Thank you for your wonderful website,! I value you and your fine service very highly." - Guy Juntunen - Webberville, Michigan - 22 May, 2023
"Thanks To Barnstormers! My Glasair has been SOLD. A tremendous response to the ad." - Ted Wagoner - Mebane, North Carolina - 26 Apr, 2023
"Hooray! I’m in. Thanks a lot. BARNSTORMERS is my FAVORITE website! I’d go nuts without it!" - Al Haraway - Bentonville, Arkansas - 22 Apr, 2023
"The first day of my Glasair 1 RG advertisement in Barnstormers, I received 34 responses. To date I have over 80. My time to respond is limited. My voicemail is full. I will contact these folks as soon as I can. Thanks, BARNSTORMERS!" - Ted Wagoner - Mebane, North Carolina - 09 Apr, 2023
"Your Sun 'n Fun photo coverage this year is terrific as always! Very enjoyable - probably better than being there. Keep up the good work." - Stephen Power - Stephen Power Development - KVCB Nut Tree - Vacaville, California - 04 Apr, 2023
"I have sold three aircraft on Barnstormers and purchased even more and found it to be the absolute best." - Gary Gingrich - Pittsberg, Texas - 24 Mar, 2023
"Thank you For creating Barnstormers! I have purchased over five aircraft from Barnstormers in the last eight years and Barnstormers is a great source for aircraft owners and sellers. Honestly, thanks much for Barnstormers from somebody who uses it almost every day!" - Keith Lange - Matthews, North Carolina - 18 Mar, 2023
"Barnstormers is my favorite site and will always be." - Rick Barnhardt - Salisbury, North Carolina - 16 Mar, 2023
"Appreciate you all. I love Barnstormers. I can’t stop searching for planes. Lol!" - Greg Bieck - Nashville, Tennessee - 21 Feb, 2023
"We really LOVE Barnstormers, it's a great site!" - Sal Rehman, Operations-Manager - AERO-TECH - Miami, Florida - 03 Feb, 2023
"You all do a great job and I appreciate your presence in the aviation marketplace! Keep up the good work!" - Larry Falls - Morganton, North Carolina - 13 Jan, 2023
"I think what you do with your site really makes it more interesting and exciting to search for aviation bargains. I used to go to trade a plane, controller and aero trader back in the day. But once I found out about BARNSTORMERS.COM I was hooked. I spend more time searching through your site than all the others. If I can't get to it for a few days, then my search gets longer and broader, because I know I missed something. So, keep up the great work. I enjoy shopping your site. I would love to hear the story of how you started the site, and your background. I bet it’s a good read! Thanks again, Stuart" - Stuart Glenn - Bulldog Aircraft - Naperville, Illinois - 22 Nov, 2022
"I love the site and the opportunities available by it existing. I keep looking and can't believe the prices people are asking and getting for aircraft with engines at TBO and Beyond! Thanks" - Stuart Glenn - Bulldog Aircraft - Naperville, Illinois - 20 Nov, 2022
"I scan EVERY ad that’s posted on Barnstormers EVERY day. At least 2-3 times an hour, I’ll browse thru the Most Recent Listings (All Categories) pages. First thing I do each morning and last thing I do each night. Even though I have a short list of what I want right now (Pitts S2B, Christen Eagle, GCBC or some sort of amphib), I’m always looking for anything that might be fun to own and fly... as long as it’s a really good deal. Thanks for keeping such a great aviation resource going strong." - Johnny Smith - Sport Aviation Services, LLC - Lucedale, Mississippi - 14 Nov, 2022