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ISSUE 124 - June 2010
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Find Your Wings… And Other Things

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Roslin, Ontario, Canada

Always represented at the show is Diamond Aircraft Canada, here with their Twin-Star.

If you’re in search of an airplane and can’t decide whether you want a tail-dragger, high wing, low wing, something fast or something to fly low and slow and watch the world go by, try hitting up a Canadian Aviation Expo.

Piper was there showing off their Piper Mirage, a sleek, comfortable aircraft, left.
The VLJ D-Jet graced the floor, right.

The Canadian Aviation Expo offers the budding pilot, aircraft owner, or the experienced aviator a place to look for anything airplane. It also offers aircraft and aviation product manufacturers and suppliers the opportunity to grab the attention of potential buyers all in one place.

Some of the always popular Cessna line, left.
The Diamond C1-Eclipse, a sharp and sleek looking aircraft, right.

Aircraft companies such as Cessna, Diamond Aircraft, Piper and Cirrus are always on hand promoting their products and it matters not whether your looking for an entry level airplane, or a fast get-you-there airplane, there’s something for every interest.

Always at the show, COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association), left. Breitling, one of the sponsors of the show, shows off an assortment of superb watches available during the show, right.

If you’re rebuilding or modifying your airplane then Aircraft Spruce can fit the part. If you are a novice and are interested in learning how to fly then Centennial College can help, as can Brampton Flying Club. Can’t afford general aviation, then maybe ultralights might be more your style so a chat with the folks in the Ultralight Pilot’s Association of Canada (UPAC) booth might be the order of the day.

In previous years, there was a good showing of civilian aircraft. However, at the 2010 Sunday show, visiting aircraft were down, left. The CWH Canso (front, right) and Canadian Forces CF-18 (front, left) were part of the static line-up, right.

Canadian Warplane Heritage at Mount Hope airport in Hamilton, Ontario hosted the expo. Inside their hangar are booths and airplanes and, although almost all of their own aircraft were somewhat crammed to one side of the building, there was still plenty of room to wonder around many of their vintage airplanes such as the Firefly, Harvards, Yale, Spitfire, and many others. Unfortunately, CWH was still in their winter maintenance phase and several airplanes were in various states of ‘repair’ with engines off, windscreens out, side panels missing, and propellers sidelined.

Canadian Warplane Heritage aircraft performing the occasional flypast doing member rides, the Expeditor (Beech 18), left, and the Fleet Cornell, right.

The one thing missing from the expo is a true flying show. When the Expo was held in Oshawa, Ontario there was always a flying part to the show but since moving to Mount Hope, that part of the show has been lacking. Ask anyone who has an interest in aviation and in the Expo, a flying portion of the show is a big draw. For many, seeing airplanes in the air sparks a greater interest not only in aviation in general, but in the Expo itself.

RCAF Tracker, left and the RCAF CF-104 Starfighter, right, both part of the CWH Collection.

Though general aviation in Canada has been in decline, the fact that the Aviation Expo seems to generate interest every year shows hope for the future. From young to old, men and women, boys and girls, in those that attend there is some kind of interest in aviation that inspires one to believe that we’ll continue to see growth in the industry in coming the years.

One of the more well known of CWH’s restorations, the Bristol Bolingbroke is getting closer to completion, left. The Canadian designed and built CF-100 Avro Canuck, right.

If you have an interest in flying, an interest in building an airplane, an interest in working in the aviation industry, or just like airplanes, head to the Canadian Aviation Expo, or any aviation expo in your neck of the woods. You just might find your set of wings waiting for you.

The office of a Canadian Forces CF-18 Hornet pilot, left. An odd looking but unique aircraft, the Fouga Magister owned by Sandy Thompson, right.

Top view of the CF-100 Avro Canuck cockpit, left and
of the Canadian Forces CF-18 Hornet, right.

The rondel of the Royal Canadian Air Force that still adorns the fuselage of the CF-100. Though the Maple Leaf on today’s Canadian Military aircraft reflects that of the Canadian Flag of today, the old rondel is still very popular.

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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