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"It finally happened. My second Great Lakes finally sold. I spent a load of money on your website, thank God they finally sold! What a tough economy. I’m lucky to have moved them. Thanks BARNSTORMERS!" - Bob Dobry - Aerial Promotions, Inc. - Long Beach, California - 03 Jan, 2009
"I placed a want ad for a set of plans to build a Whitman Tailwind and the ad was answered in about 15 to 20 minutes of posting the ad. Thank you Barnstormers." - Sam Noble - Winnsboro, Louisiana - 15 Dec, 2008
" is so good, my CONTINENTAL ENGINE • SOLD WITHIN ONE HOUR!! THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS" - Walter Jazun - Parker, Colorado - 14 Dec, 2008
"You have the greatest site on the planet. You’ve no idea how much BARNSTORMERS.COM contributes to my sanity here in Afghanistan. Cheers!" - Tery Lebel - Angus, Ontario, Canada - 13 Dec, 2008
"I just want to thank everyone that is involved in the Barnstormers website. I look forward to every eFLYER from you, and the tribute to the military pilots and crews that you provide. As a Vietnam Airforce vet, you bring tears to my eyes every time I read your stories of aviation history. Keep up the good work, our heros deserve it!" - Scott Woodruff - Marietta, Georgia - 09 Dec, 2008
"THANKS Barnstormers! I sold my PA-18 stuff within one hour." - Del Herbison - Hudsons Hope, British Columbia, Canada - 09 Dec, 2008
"The Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser sold very quickly using Barnstormers. I had the chance to talk with pilots with great experience restoring fabric planes... all were spot-on honest and generous with their knowledge, and I appreciate it. Airplane people are the best! " - Jim Hultman - Crystalaire - Crystal Gliderport, Llano, California - 08 Dec, 2008
"Thanks to your site, my Aeronca 7AC Champ was sold in three days. Thanks, BARNSTORMERS!" - David Durham - Mooresville, North Carolina - 08 Dec, 2008
"Dear Barnstormers: Thank you so much for your website. I sincerely appreciate it. I have already been called by 3 serious people and emailed by 4 others, AND have already received a pretty good offer. I just posted my Citabria 7GCBC ad around 3 PM today. WOW!! -- Thanks again --" - Bud Jordan - Weatherford, Texas - 04 Dec, 2008
"I enjoy BARNSTORMERS eFLYER very much. My colleagues and I "shop" for airplanes every week based on what we see in the eFLYER. It's a fun diversion. : ) " - Jill Tallman - AOPA - Frederick, Maryland - 25 Nov, 2008
"Thank you for your website. Barnstormers is Worth Every Penny" - Mason Shehan - Ridgley, Maryland - 24 Nov, 2008
"I will be sending a donation. I listed my 1980 Cessna 152 aircraft in Trade-A-Plane and eBay and had the best response from my ad on BARNSTORMERS.COM. Keep up the good work." - Timothy L. Haley - Westfield, North Carolina - 24 Nov, 2008
"I was very surprised when I had 15 contacts and 4 definite offers for my Zenith CH701 airplane after listing it on your website. I sent you a donation and will recommend your website to all my friends!" - Tom Walker - Anniston, Alabama - 23 Nov, 2008
"Hi! My Fly Baby has been sold. Barnstormers is a great place to advertise. Thank you very much." - Charles "Bud" Lovett - Port Republic, New Jersey - 22 Nov, 2008
"We are happy to be a part of the Barnstormers community. Your site is great and easy to navigate and to place an ad. Thanks for an excellent way to expose our portable oxygen systems to the aviation community!" - Sally Johnston - Delta Oxygen Systems - Gainesville, Georgia - 19 Nov, 2008
"First time I set up to sell on Barnstormers, I stayed up til midnight setting up the ad listing, and my items sold before 10:00 am next morning. I also noticed as soon as I had the items listed, in the matter of 20 minutes, over 600 viewers had already checked out the listing. Way to Go BARNSTORMERS!!" - Russ Mintkenbaugh - West Chester, Ohio - 10 Nov, 2008
"I wish to report that my Corben Baby Ace sold the first day the ad ran on BARNSTORMERS.COM" - Robert Brown - McAlpin, Florida - 10 Nov, 2008
"My 1946 Taylorcraft BC12D has been sold. Thanks for your help. I received over 15 inquiries on it. BARNSTORMERS.COM is great." - Mike Sargent - Gardneville, Nevada - 10 Nov, 2008
"Now I see why you advise to renew every 2 weeks. NICE!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your help." - Al Trofibio - Henderson, Nevada - 10 Nov, 2008
"Dear Barnstormers, When I decided to sell my biplane I expected weeks of random calls. Within an hour of posting my ad, I had four people call. I sold the plane within a couple of days. Meanwhile I have had at least twenty five serious calls from people wanting it. You were right, use plenty of pictures and it will sell quickly." - Folis Jones - Suffolk, Virginia - 30 Oct, 2008
"The Kitfox ad I ran just totally shocked me – the response has been unbelievable! Within a few hours of placing my ad, calls were coming in. So far, over 20 in the first 2 days. I am bragging all over the airport about your website. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, BARNSTORMERS. Thanks!" - Jim Bell - Walhalla, South Carolina - 26 Oct, 2008
"Barnstormers is undoubtedly the best place to get results in Aviation. No Bull - just my opinion." - Ed Tuohy - ARIZONA AIRCRAFT - Tucson, Arizona - 09 Oct, 2008
"Thanks to BARNSTORMERS I sold my Taylorcraft in the first 2 hours of the ad. Also received over 38 responses in 2 days. GOOD WORK BARNSTORMERS! We will use you again." - Paul Shepherd - Carson City, Nevada - 28 Sep, 2008
"Thanks for the Great Service! I got the engine manual I was looking for in less than a day!!! Hooray!" - Jim Maxwell - Blythe, California - 19 Sep, 2008
"Sold my Kitfox in 3 weeks!" - Steve Beasley - Yoder, Kansas - 17 Sep, 2008