1916 WW1 Sopwith fighter plane

The paint is like glass
Amazing smoke system
The rear cockpit has beautiful wood work and electric elevator trim
Notice the passenger seat. Every inch of this aircraft is built to perfection. The airframe is engineered to withstand 10G
The machine gun is mounted in this picture
This aircraft loves to be inverted and is "hands off" stable with no forward stick pressure needed. Inverted fuel and oil system.
This is a real 100 year old Machine gun that is all steel and weighs 30lb. (sold separately) It functions with propane/oxygen
Front cockpit complete with controls and radio intercom
The wheels are designed to take a side load. Replacement tires are Ford model T and easy to find. Disk Brakes and bungee gear
It flys as good as it looks and the controls are light but provide feedback as you build G load. Gentle stall and no bad habits.
I have flown this aircraft to every corner of the US and it has been reliable and trouble free.
360hp M14 engine with air start. It always starts easily with no messing around. Bone stock except for auto plug conversion.