Luscombe 8A Sky Pal

Having fun at a fly-in!
On the way to Oshkosh.
It belongs on the grass.
Standing tall on the Silflex gear.
Classic Aero leather seat and side panels in original Sky Pal colors. (The original seat comes with the Luscombe)
A-65 with Bendix Scintilla magnetos and original non-shielded harness and spark plugs.
Stock instruments and panel.
Luscombe sold every Sky Pal at a loss shortly before going out of business.
All logbooks from day one.
Original 1948 operating limitations.
Engine overhaul and annual inspection for $468.56!
Bill of sale from 1949. (N1953B was a demo plane for Lang Flying Service for a short period of time.)
Original engine and aircraft owners manuals.