ArkanSTOL Competition, Fly-in

2020 ArkanSTOL pilots
Aviat Husky on approach over the 25 foot tall pylons
Jaden Newman holding her qualification hat in 2020 at 17 years old!
Byrd’s Adventure Center is a magical place
The misty morning Mulberry River Valley is a great place to camp, socialize and have an aviation adventure.
Our volunteers are the best and have a heck of a time! Volunteer position still open
Airing down the bush tires to practice the 2022 course
Volunteers have a ton of fun and get good swag!
“The Pilot Club” ORGanization created scenery packs for Microsoft Flight Simulator and XPlane. Download at their place online.
Our friends at “The Pilot Club” ORGanization helped us vet the new course and are having a version of the competition!
“The Pilot Club” ORGanization teamed up with AviNation to have a simulator at ArkanSTOL where you can run the course yourself!