Right front
Left Front. Engine ready to hang. All new engine hoses in stock!
Left Rear.
FACTORY NEW LYCOMING TIO-540 Left Engine ready for installation. NEW engine mount in stock! $5k new baffle kit in stock!
Fresh Axalta Matterhorn White Urethane Epoxy Paint in LH and RH LDG gear wells! Better than factory.
Showroom perfect overhaulled Main LDG. ALL Bushings removed and replaced with new. All new hardware and strut seals.
RH Main gear down and locked. Custom painted,reconditioned brake calipers. Wheel halves reconditioned. New rotors, bearings, tires
All Landing gear attach brackets with new bushings and custom paint.
Nose gear trunnion ready for Nose LDG Overhaul. Perfect.
LH and RH MLG Doors modified as per STC. Custom painted brackets. PRC assembled and Fillet sealed structure. Ready for final paint
Pilot door interior with new Urethane Epoxy paint.
Aft cargo door with 2 part Urethane paint. Mechanism was removed, 100% reconditioned. Epoxy paint, hardware, springs, reinstalled
Elevator balance weight ribs and end ribs, removed, replaced, and/or reconditioned with Chromate epoxy primer. Inside and out.
Beautiful and better than factory new with Chromate epoxy primer inside and out. All new tip fairings from Knots2U in Stock!
Flap tracks and transmission actuators custom painted with Urethane Epoxy and Corban 23 CIC. September 2022.
Piper Service Bulletin 1289 Structures Completed.