New 2023 build 2023 Oshkosh winner wheel pants.Custom paint scheme Custom wet fuel tank 64 gal.Fast cross country 167mph at 8Gph
Factory New 2023 Carbon 3-Blade Hartzell 80" Pathfinder jumps SkyRocket off for short field take offs in 200 - 300 Ft or less
Factory New Lycoming IO-390 Thunderbolt 225Hp with P-Mags Installed at build. Engine broken in Amazing performance. 8gph fuel burn
26" Alaska Tundra Tires. Custom 4pt shoulder harness with custom welded bar to cage. Newest Glasair factory design carbon doors.
Example of Trike. Easily convert in 1/2 day from Tailwheel to Trike on any Sportsman. SkyRocket has all parts for a Trike.
$30,000. paint job with custom paint scheme. No other plane has this paint scheme.
easy access with large doors. custom extended gear legs with step built into gear leg fairing. can convert to tricycle or floats
Top of the line Duel Dynon Skyview with Avidyne IFR. Free updates monthly from Dynon.
Dynon PFD.Skyview Touchscreen. No more old time steam gages. Yes. It is great for cross country as well as off field landings
Second Dynon Skyview. Displayed as Sectional. Easy to read even for old pilots.
IFR Avidyne with com and complete package. Dynon also has com and GPS. Both systems linked together
Clamar Floats panel control--both audio and visual for gear land or water. Dynon auto pilot additional knobs.
New Leather interior high back seats. Custom 4pt shoulder harness attached to builder added bar welded to Sportsman cage-safety
Rear Facing Seats. New factory design leather interior. 2 full size adults. Remove rear seats for custom cargo floor
Builder designed custom carbon floor + custom extended baggage area. Area large enough to sleep 2 adults. Lift floor for storage
Skylights / Sportsman large Vgs for added safe controls. Known for one of the most docile planes with slow stall at 42knots
Only Sportsman with Beringer wheels & brakes. Allows for easy change out from 7.00x6 Michelin to 26" Alaska Tundra on Beringer.
Ready for Idaho and Montana backcountry with 26" Alaska Bush tires. Or quick change to 7x6 tires Or change out to tricycle gear.
Looks like the monster flying machine that SkyRocket is. A real performer on grass, backcountry or regular cement runways.Hartzell
freshly painted wings w/ custom bird wing design/ both top and bottom of wings and horizontal stabilizer. Only design in existence