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"My Aeronca Champ SOLD. Thank you, Barnstormers! I was inundated with interested / potential buyers." - Dave Stevenson - Kingston, Tennessee - 06 Aug, 2022
"I would like to say thank you, Baroness, on behalf of all of our fellow aviators for the free ads you offer. Not many people like you left in today's world of greed." - Greg Kissel - Angier, North Carolina - 25 Jul, 2022
"My Ragamuffin Ultralight sold within three weeks!! Barnstormers is a great place to find or sell anything relating to aviation. Thanks." - Donald Rooks - Gra, Georgia, USA - 06 Jul, 2022
"#1 : I am NOT a computer guru ... just an 83 Y.O. duffer ... trying to learn how to operate a computer !!!! Any suggestions .... other than my calling one of my Great Grand Daughters ??" - Ron Wright - East Peoria, Illinois - 05 Jun, 2022
"#2 : Hi Baroness ; WOW !!!! Now .... THIS is what I call .... SERVICE !!!!! Thank You for your assistance ..... I'll attempt to forward U some fotos of the SR-2 . Over the years ..... ' barnstormers ' has allowed me to purchase and/ or ' find ' new owners .. for the various projects that I had acquired : THANK YOU ... Let's keep 'em flying ...." - Ron Wright - East Peoria, Illinois - 05 Jun, 2022
"#3 : Hi , again , Baroness; WOW !!!! U have the ' magic - touch ' ...... once U added those additional fotos , of the SKY RAIDER 2 , to my ad [ THANK YOU VERY MUCH ].... the inquiries started flooding my email !!!! YEAH !!!! One of those callers.... after we ' talked ' for a few minutes ..... during several ... ' re-calls ' ... that individual made a commitment to purchase my plane !!!! WOW !!!!! THANKS AGAIN.... for your ' follow-up ' inquiry... and the prompt action you took ... to add the additional fotos ... to my ad !!! Looks like I now need to check out ALL your other ads.... to find my .... next .... plane !!!! Let's keep 'em flying ...." - Ron Wright - East Peoria, Illinois - 05 Jun, 2022
"In 12 years of using your website, I have had many good transactions. I truly appreciate the service provides." - Walter Carter - PeachJet Aircraft - St Simons Island, Georgia - 15 May, 2022
"I posted my Vans RV-3B plane last night and it was sold by 10:30 this am! Thanks!!!" - Cary Cosgrove - Atlantic Beach, Florida - 11 May, 2022
"Thank You --- Thank You --- Thank You --- Excellent coverage and response from over 35 people with money in hand. --- Your service was great. --- Sold the plane very easy. --- Thank you for making this easy for me. --- Frank LiPuma" - Frank LiPuma - Wallingford, Connecticut, USA - 19 Apr, 2022
"I posted an ad, about 23 hours ago, selling a KITFOX SERIES 7. I have had over 40 emails and calls so far. I am trying to get back to everyone but with this many calls, I may miss a few. Thank you, Barnstormers. LOL" - Mike Robertson - EAA Chapter 1345 - Bend, Oregon, USA - 16 Apr, 2022
"I have sold aircraft on Barnstormers and will continue to do so. Barnstormers is a great site and a valuable service to aviation. Thanks for the service." - Dave Gillespie, President - Royal Flying Corps School of Aerial Fighting Ltd. - Oliver, British Columbia, Canada - 14 Apr, 2022
"Hey Baroness, I wanted to thank you for your invaluable website. I sold the most expensive experimental PA12 ever in the history of the world and also set of floats. You are the best!!! Absolutely the very best!!! Thank you very much. Keep up the good work. Best wishes. Thanks again and again." - Paul Heinrich - Star Lake, Wisconsin, USA - 12 Apr, 2022
" website is the lifeline to my business. Thank you, Cody." - Cody Ernst - Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA - 07 Apr, 2022
"My 1968 Piper Cherokee 140 sold almost immediately after posting my ad. Barnstormers did an excellent job for me." - Frank LiPuma - Wallingford, Connecticut, USA - 31 Mar, 2022
"I received greater than fifty phone calls regarding my 2011 VAN’S RV-9A, showed the plane to just three individuals. Started my ad Sunday and sold the airplane immediately." - John Wolfe - Deland, Florida, USA - 11 Mar, 2022
"Thank you very much for the Homepage Featured Ad! I hope my 1972 PIPER PA-18-160 SUPER CUB sells quickly! You do great work. I'm pretty sure I've spent over a year of cumulative time on your site over all of the years I've spent combing through aircraft on Barnstormers. This is my first aircraft sales experience, however." - Bill Barker - Biddeford, Maine, USA - 23 Jan, 2022
"I sold the plane today. I feel your services are more widely used and get more visibility than other platforms. Thank you!!" - Robert "Bob" Parker - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA - 07 Jan, 2022
"WOW. Once again your efficiency and kindness is amazing. YOU are a real gem. Thank you so much. I've been addicted to Barnstormers' website since 1997! It has helped me greatly in developing relationships with my engine customers as I've learned about so many makes and models of planes over the years... and their respective market values. Once again I Bow to the Baroness and wish you a Long and Healthy life. God Bless!" - Guy J. Dorge - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada - 30 Dec, 2021
"I am a VERY long-term Barnstormers admirer/user! Your website is My Entertainment and Main Resource for aircraft stuff." - Guy Dorge - Pro Aero Aviation - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada - 24 Dec, 2021
"I would like to thank Barnstormers once again for the great service and allowing a little guy to post a free ad. I would recommend the service to anyone." - Don Depper - Retired, believe it or not - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - 15 Dec, 2021
"Sold the Maule M5-180 with AeroSkis. Thanks for the listing, can't believe the calls and number of hits... just crazy. Sincerely, Ken" - Ken Bell - Wilmington, Vermont, USA - 18 Sep, 2021
"Love Barnstormers - I’ve sold and bought tons of aircraft and items - thanks for running a first class site! Dave" - Dave Fortuna - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA - 30 Aug, 2021
"Our Sweepstakes has once again SOLD OUT! Thank you to Barnstormers for helping sustain Dakota Territory Air Museum." - Duane Haugstad, Sweepstakes Chairman - Dakota Territory Air Museum - Minot, North Dakota, USA - 12 Aug, 2021
"Hello Barnstormers: Just wanted to thank you for all you've done over the years, and tell you that the Cosmos Trike that we listed was SOLD yesterday! Sincerely yours, Dave" - Dave Williams - Imbler, Oregon, USA - 03 Aug, 2021
"I sold my 1961 PIPER SUPERCUB last night, an hour after it posted, pending a review on Thursday of the logs. Think I could have sold it again today to another guy!" - Tom Barber - Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA - 03 Aug, 2021