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"This is my first time to sell an airplane. I have placed advertisements in two other major web sites. I can say from this experience that yours is by far the best laid out and user friendly of all. I am so pleased my ATP suggested 'Barnstormers'. I know what it takes to set up a web site and I appreciate your efforts." - Wayne Wibby - Bangor, Maine - 22 Apr, 2014
"Thank You BARNSTORMERS! That Homepage Featured Ad was unbelievable!! Sold both planes in a week. Best money I ever spent!!!" - Carl Gillilan Jr. - Gulf Breeze, Florida - 28 Feb, 2014
"Just a note to say how pleased I am with the success of my Cessna Cardinal ad. I had a commitment on the airplane within 24 hours of placing the ad. The exposure was great. Thanks for all you did, BARNSTORMERS!" - Steve Jacobs - Charleston, South Carolina - 22 Feb, 2014
"Placed my ad for my 1976 Cessna 182P. Had the first phone call within 30 minutes. Had a deposit and purchase agreement the following day. Response was fantastic. Thank you." - Gary Haltom - Haltom Aircraft Services - Denton, Texas - 29 Jan, 2014
"Sold my 90 hp McCulloch engine first week of ad on Barnstomers... after trying to sell it on eBay and relisting it several times. Thanks Barnstomers." - Dennis King - Ararat, Virginia - 16 Dec, 2013
"Dear Barnstormers: A note to say I sold my Champ today. Please cancel the ad at once to avoid my getting any more calls. Since placing my ad, I've gotten more calls on my plane than I ever did before using other national airplane classified publications. Your website is a great place to advertise, and keep on publishing it, please! Thanks again." - William Hanshaw - Fort Worth, Texas - 11 Dec, 2013
"Our Airborne trike sold in less then a day. What a wonderful website to use." - Jay Senser - Ione, California - 11 Dec, 2013
"Thank you, BARNSTORMERS, for the immediate response to my ad WAGABOND PLANS. I cannot believe the ease of reaching out to the aviation community. I also enjoyed my personal communication with each of the interested parties. Keep up the great work!" - Dick Cooper - Leavenworth, Kansas - 10 Dec, 2013
"To barnstormers: I have sold a propeller and a Benedict GPS. As a seller, this is the best site I have ever used and the buyers are so great as fellow pilots. Both of my items sold in less than three days. Thanks, Barnstormers. When I want to buy or sell airplane parts, I go here." - Jim Henderson - Bell Sky Pilots LLC - Reedley, California - 26 Nov, 2013
"Our Maule sold due to advertising in Barnstormers just last Wednesday. Thanks so much for being there for us and when the transaction is verified we certainly plan on making a contribution as we agreed to do when we opened the ad with you. Out Maule is on it's way to Alaska to do "what it was born to do!!"" - Larry Church - Statewide Construction Services - Creswell, Oregon - 18 Nov, 2013
"I sold my Cherokee last week. I received quite a few inquiries about it. Thank you for putting together a great website with reasonable prices for selling." - Dave Cason - Madison, AL - 18 Nov, 2013
"We tried advertising with Barnstormers because of the excellent testimonials! Proved to be true for us as we just sold our Light Sport Aircraft because of going with!! YOU ROCK, BARNSTORMERS! Thanks for the fantastic customer service, as well! Thank you for being there for us when we had silly questions! Your website is very easy to use even for us rookies :) If we do it again, it will be with BARNSTORMERS! BIG SMILE!!!! :)" - Mike & Pat Pritchard - Eau Claire, Wisconsin - 13 Nov, 2013
"Barnstormers is such a fantastic site! Our Staggerwing ad ran for a month with lots of interest but no takers. A member of the Barnstormers team contacted us about placing the ad on the homepage, and we had a firm commitment on the aircraft in three hours. Not only did both of the ads generate lots of interest and activity, the Barnstormers staff was great; they were very committed to helping us in any way they could. Thanks guys, it was a wonderful experience!" - Misty and Steve Allsup - Boswell, Oklahoma - 06 Nov, 2013
"For years I have run ads in Trade-A-Plane, but find quicker results with Barnstormers." - Henry "Hank" Rodahaver - Weirsdale, Florida - 07 Oct, 2013
"Thanks to for selling N9FR, the CESSNA Factory Award-Winning Cardinal from the Factory 40th Year Anniversary... in only 6 weeks ! I advertised for several issues of Trade-A-Plane and spent months and a couple of grand trying to do what Barnstormers did in 6 weeks, and for 2 extensive ad placements WITH PICTURES to boot. $62.50 each ad ! Bless you, Barnstormers! " - Frank Kuhn - Granbury, Texas - 06 Sep, 2013
"Got a response to my ad within 3 HOURS!!!!! WOW! BARNSTORMERS is a great website!" - Glenn Gurney - CANYONLANDS AVIATION - Blanding, Utah - 01 Sep, 2013
"ROTAX RICK THANKS BARNSTORMERS • WOW! • THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS I HAVE BECOME THE # 1 ROTAX 2 CYCLE OUTLET IN THE WORLD! Without all their help I would of never had the sucess I have had. ( Thanks again guys ) We all owe them for spreading the word. I have built over 1100 Rotax engines and will do this year alone 250 engines. THANKS AGAIN TO BARNSTORMERS (WAY TO GO GUYS) I know times are hard and we all need a deal. That is why I advertise on Barnstormers. Go to the bid wars and take your chances? NO WAY! BARNSTORMERS IS THE SAFE WAY, THAT's WHY I'M HERE." - ROTAX RICK - RED GOLD ROTAX ENGINES & OVERHAULS - Naples, Florida - 24 Jul, 2013
"Frankly I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of responses I got from the ad I posted for my buddy’s C170A. Man, that was effective. We had that plane sold in less than two weeks, out the hangar door. BOOM!" - Scott Curtis - Curtis Aviation Enterprises - Meridian, Idaho - 24 Jul, 2013
"We have concluded the sale of my Skybolt. During the 2 months my ad ran, I had upwards of 50 inquiries about the Skybolt. Thanks for your help in this sale. Barnstormers was the only place it was advertised." - Bob Fay - Graham, Washington, USA - 09 Jul, 2013
"Barnstormers called me suggesting they feature my Swift for sale on one of their homepage listings... I took their advice and it was like turning on the faucet with calls and emails. The Swift sold in three days, full price to first look... Excellent job Barnstormers!" - Terry McCartney - Edmonds, Washington - 26 Mar, 2013
"The Twinbee on the front page is sold. The only place we ran this ad was with A really nice Virginia couple bought her. Thanks again." - Harry Copeland - Central Florida Aviation One, LLC - Oviedo, Florida - 17 Feb, 2013
"Dear Barnstormers: I want to commend your website for allowing our propeller to sell in less than 24 hours. The pilots and customers that purchase on the site are all business and not a bunch of scammers. This gives a speedy sale to sellers and a fast turnaround for the buyers. Thanks so much for your professional website. We at the Sky Pilots are sending a donation to Barnstormers for the great site to be able to continue. Thanks so much." - Jim Henderson - BELL SKY PILOTS - Reedley, California - 17 Feb, 2013
"Barnstormers: Thanks for the help selling my Lancair project. I was amazed at the response! Literally a dozen emails a day... Sold in 3 days. Amazing... I sent you an honorarium via visa. Keep up the good site. Thanks." - William Kenner - Burien, Washington - 11 Feb, 2013
"I have enclosed a DONATION check for the PA-20-22 FREE classified ad I placed. I had what I needed in 35 minutes after I posted the ad. Thank you, BARNSTORMERS!" - Gregory Hock - Aero Machining - Alamogordo, New Mexico - 08 Feb, 2013
"Sale pending on my RV-4. Thanks Barnstormers! Unbelievable response." - Gary Gingrich - Conroe, Texas - 17 Jan, 2013