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"My only problem is getting such a good response that I have to play the first come first serve rule and turn buyers away. Thank you Barnstormers!" - William Gibbens - Maryville, Tennessee - 03 Jul, 2018
"Hi, the Piper Cherokee 140/160 airplane sold. Thanks to Barnstormers, I had over 50 calls within a 2 week period and sold the Cherokee for my exact asking price no problem. Cheers!" - Wil Vessey - Excellence in Aviation - Yuma, Arizona - 02 Jul, 2018
"Barnstormers came highly recommended and worked great for us to generate interest for our auction. Thanks again." - Jennifer Buttriss - Beiler-Campbell Realtors - Farmland & Auction Services - Quarryville, Pennsylvania - 22 May, 2018
"This is a no joke. I was absolutely amazed, endorsement of this site. 10pm Tuesday night I l listed a Cessna 172, along with my best 5 photos, listed it at a fair price, paid $50.00. 8:00am Wednesday morning my phone came alive and by 8:15 it was sold. By 11:00am I had 15 calls and another 18 emails. Absolutely sold on Barnstormers..... BEST $50 I'VE EVER SPENT!" - Rob Burner - Cassopolis, Michigan, USA - 17 May, 2018
"Placed ad for my Cessna 150 on November 27 and have had nearly 12,000 hits thus far and have sold the airplane! I was amazed at the number of people checking through Barnstormers! Thought I was the only one!" - Steve E. Senn - Burwell, Nebraska, USA - 12 Dec, 2017
"I recently posted an "ad" for some advice, and I cannot believe how quickly I received genuine responses. Barnstormers is great and so are its users!" - Linda Dozier - Torrance, CA, United States - 16 Sep, 2017
"I have advertised on Barnstormers for longer than I can remember, as well as many other sites. Barnstormers is one of the true great sites for selling airplanes and I thank you for the great service. Keep up the good work !" - Dick Durand - Westernair Inc. - Albuquerque, New Mexico - 26 Jul, 2017
"Got first call within 30 minutes of placing ad and had 12 serious lookers going into the first weekend. Aircraft sold upon first inspection for full asking price. All of this for $25.00! Best money ever spent marketing." - Chad Goddard - Brentwood, Tennessee - 04 Jun, 2017
"You guys are so effective that my Pitts S-2C sold in 2 weeks, with at least one backup offer. Thanks, BARNSTORMERS! You guys had a lot of guts going into business against Trade-A-Plane. I received several calls on my PITTS S-2C advertising. I could have sold it at least 3 times, and I didn't receive one call that came from the TAP ad - it was all BARNSTORMERS. Congrats - you guys have really become quite the force in this market." - Marshall Friedman - Whitefish, Montana, USA - 09 Mar, 2017
"SOLD my 1964 CESSNA 172E. worked great for me 10 times the contacts as Trade-A-Plane " - Gordon "Lee" Wright - Challenger Ag Aviation LLC - Qulin, Missouri, USA - 23 Feb, 2017
"After searching for months, we finally found the perfect Skyhawk to compliment our others! Owning a flight school means we have to provide uniformity in aircraft for training. Barnstormers would email me a daily hot sheet and we found exactly what we wanted without traveling the country. Thank you for your help." - Charley Valera - FCA Flight Center - Fitchburg, Massachusetts - 28 Nov, 2016
"Thank you for all your help selling my Piper Pacer. Barnstormers is very efficient and I still can't believe how fast the plane was sold. In less than ten minutes after publishing, I had a buyer. I will pass the word on to my fellow pilots..."unless you are ready to sell, don't publish your airplane on Barnstormers". Thanks again." - Charles Myers - Estill Springs, Tennessee - 19 Nov, 2016
"Thank you very much. I can't believe how fast using Barnstormers web site sold my airplane. Literally, from the time I completed my listing, it was no more than five minutes before the calls started coming in. The airplane sold immediately after the listing was placed and will have a new home soon." - Charles Myers - Estill Springs, Tennessee - 26 Oct, 2016
"Please put a SOLD sign on my add. Thank you so much... my airplane sold in less than 24 hours and I had three buyers all wanting it very bad, it was hard letting the others know it was sold. Cheers" - Dan Nelson - Kamloops, BC, Canada - 26 Oct, 2016
"Sold my ultralight in four days thanks to Barnstormers, was a very quick and very easy way to advertise. Thank you." - Everett Currie - Decatur, Indiana - 11 May, 2016
"Barnstormers got great results! Sold my plane within a week, and got more action than I could handle!" - Peter Gunthorpe - Fort Myers, Florida - 10 May, 2016
"For the record, I sold my cylinders in the 4th week my ad was running. The dust just settled on it all this afternoon. I would have marked my ad SOLD before it expired, but the timing didn't work out so that this could happen. I join several friends happy from the way their ads on your website worked out :-) Thanks, Barnstormers!" - Rick Boniface - Mesquite, Nevada - 16 Mar, 2016
"I sold my Piper Pacer in 4 hours. Thanks Barnstormers!" - Ronald Pogatchnik - Bakersfield, California - 10 Mar, 2016
"I sold my Cessna 150G in just two weeks from my ad in Barnstormers today. Thanks, Barnstormers!" - Steve Getter - Lake Havasu City, Arizona - 05 Feb, 2016
"I placed an ad for my hot air balloon in and, amazingly, it's sold within a week! Thank you!" - Dr. Rita Rae Fontenot - Fantasy Balloon Flights - Westlake, Lousiana - 30 Dec, 2015
"I placed ad for Christen Eagle Lower Wing Set this afternoon and sold them in 30 minutes! Another call ~60 minutes after ad went live. And a 3rd call 4 hours later. 1947 Luscombe 8E also sold in 30 days. Barnstormers works!" - Barry Hall - Kennesaw, Georgia - 28 Oct, 2015
"The 1947 RC3 SEABEE aircraft is SOLD. I had MANY positive results and it sold almost immediately. Thanks, Barnstormers!" - Donald Sawchenko - Bell, Florida - 25 Sep, 2015
"I can't tell you how much we appreciate the excellent job you do with I know so many people who peruse it anytime we need anything. I just sold an overhauled propeller in less than a week. And, made a friend, too! Best wishes always." - Jan Lee - Sandpoint, North Idaho - 11 Sep, 2015
"I just wanted to take a moment and tell you what a great web site you have. I have posted several airplanes for sale in the last 6 months and have tried all the "usual suspects"....TAP, Controller, Aero-Trader, etc. I am pleased to report that "Barnstormers" yields more phone calls, emails , and completed sales than all the rest combined. I actually get Global inquiries from other countries and my advertisements are posted immediately, and I can navigate the web site with ease. You can't get more bang for your advertising buck than Thanks so much Guys, John in New Mexico" - John Harris - Alamogordo, New Mexico - 02 Sep, 2015
"FYI - I placed my 1946 TAYLORCRAFT BC12-D ad in TAP and Barnstormers at the same time (3X higher cost in TAP!). My response has been 98+% from Barnstormers, and I think it may be sold. THANKS, BARNSTORMERS!" - Frank McFadden - Mobile, Alabama - 25 Aug, 2015