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"My Cessna 182T sold on Barnstormers before the ad was five minutes old! Thank you." - Jim Mose - Peterborough, New Hampshire - 27 Apr, 2015
"Thanks to your excellently produced web site, we have sold our Helicycle kit. The buyer said your site led him directly to us. Thanks again." - Stuart Fields - Inyokern, California - 09 Apr, 2015
"The RV4 Project we advertised sold today. We wanted you to know that we have had so many phone calls and emails... it was unbelievable. Project would have sold the first day, but the calls came from Canada, Argentina, Portugal, somewhere in Europe, Washington state, Idaho, South Dakota, Texas, New York, Michigan, South Florida, North Florida, and more... but the winner was North Carolina!!! This is the second airplane ad we have placed in the last 6 weeks. The other sold the same day the ad posted. Thank you all. Will be in touch again! Still Flying!" - Gerry Chancey - Steinhatchee, Florida - 15 Mar, 2015
"Just a note of thanks to you for your wonderful, entertaining and valuable website. Over the years I have advertised and sometimes sold items ranging from parts and pieces to entire aircraft and your website has always been a reliable venue to advertise and sell. I have recently sold some items and I think that I am seeing faster response from potential purchasers than in previous times. Either your website is experiencing more traffic or I am selling stuff to cheaply!! :)" - John Davis - Anchorage, Alaska - 16 Dec, 2014
"We sold our Cessna 172M in less than 1 day from time posted. Thank you, Barnstormers!" - Gerry Chancey - Steinhatchee, Florida - 22 Nov, 2014
"Not only did I buy my first airplane here back in 2012, but get this: When I advertised for a Garmin GNS 480 about two months ago, I had a seller calling me with a FANTASTIC DEAL in less than 5 minutes after I posted the ad. What a GREAT marketplace. Thank YOU for all that you do, BARNSTORMERS!" - Walt Carter - St Marys, Georgia - 16 Nov, 2014
"I just wanted to let you know that I was able to sell my plane on Sunday. That buyer called me 2-3 days after the ad was placed. I truly believe the results were due to the Homepage Featured Ad. Thank you! " - Keith Larson - Amarillo Jet, LLC - Amarillo, Texas - 03 Nov, 2014
"The PA-32-300 aircraft has SOLD and all of the nationwide enquires have come through BARNSTORMERS. I will be using BARNSTORMERS again as it's a great site and reaches my target buyers. Cheers!" - Owen Gossett - Eagle Point, Oregon - 10 Oct, 2014
"My Hartzell propeller sold in 2 Days on Barnstormers. Thanks." - Jack Peacock - R J Peacock Holdings Ltd. - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 06 Oct, 2014
"I sold my Cessna 170A as a result of my ad on Barnstormers. Thank you so much for all you do for aviation!" - Steve Daniel - Decatur, Georgia - 06 Oct, 2014
"Thank you, BARNSTORMERS, for your incredible, invaluable, and unbeatable service to our aviation community." - Kevin Mays - K&M Aviation, LLC - West Liberty, Kentucky - 11 Sep, 2014
"My Mooney M20E sold in the first week. You've got a great website, Barnstormers! Thanks!" - Chris Strube - Lillooet, BC, Canada - 06 Sep, 2014
"Again, with the help of I have sold another aircraft (project). Barnstormers is by far the best advertising buy for the "Frugal" minded. Thank you BARNSTORMERS!" - Michael Frazier - Aircraft Inspection Service - Benton, Kansas - 12 Aug, 2014
"If you ever need a good word or referral, let me know I will tell them you are the best. 4 planes SOLD! Thanks to Barnstormers!!!!!" - Nathan Cleaver - REO Listing And Sales Expert - Roseville, California - 18 Jul, 2014
"All the planes that I have sold, I advertised on Barnstormers, Trade-A-Plane, and Controller. I always get the most leads and sales from Barnstormers. Trade-A-Plane is ok, and never get anything but a bill from Controller. Keep up the good work, Barnstormers! J" - Nathan Cleaver - REO Listing and Sales Expert - Roseville, California - 14 Jul, 2014
""Clicks" to our website from BARNSTORMERS' website outstrip those coming from Trade-A-Plane by two to three times. Well done!" - Louis X. Amato P.A. - Frostproof, Florida - 02 May, 2014
"This is my first time to sell an airplane. I have placed advertisements in two other major web sites. I can say from this experience that yours is by far the best laid out and user friendly of all. I am so pleased my ATP suggested 'Barnstormers'. I know what it takes to set up a web site and I appreciate your efforts." - Wayne Wibby - Bangor, Maine - 22 Apr, 2014
"Thank You BARNSTORMERS! That Homepage Featured Ad was unbelievable!! Sold both planes in a week. Best money I ever spent!!!" - Carl Gillilan Jr. - Gulf Breeze, Florida - 28 Feb, 2014
"Just a note to say how pleased I am with the success of my Cessna Cardinal ad. I had a commitment on the airplane within 24 hours of placing the ad. The exposure was great. Thanks for all you did, BARNSTORMERS!" - Steve Jacobs - Charleston, South Carolina - 22 Feb, 2014
"Placed my ad for my 1976 Cessna 182P. Had the first phone call within 30 minutes. Had a deposit and purchase agreement the following day. Response was fantastic. Thank you." - Gary Haltom - Haltom Aircraft Services - Denton, Texas - 29 Jan, 2014
"Sold my 90 hp McCulloch engine first week of ad on Barnstomers... after trying to sell it on eBay and relisting it several times. Thanks Barnstomers." - Dennis King - Ararat, Virginia - 16 Dec, 2013
"Dear Barnstormers: A note to say I sold my Champ today. Please cancel the ad at once to avoid my getting any more calls. Since placing my ad, I've gotten more calls on my plane than I ever did before using other national airplane classified publications. Your website is a great place to advertise, and keep on publishing it, please! Thanks again." - William Hanshaw - Fort Worth, Texas - 11 Dec, 2013
"Our Airborne trike sold in less then a day. What a wonderful website to use." - Jay Senser - Ione, California - 11 Dec, 2013
"Thank you, BARNSTORMERS, for the immediate response to my ad WAGABOND PLANS. I cannot believe the ease of reaching out to the aviation community. I also enjoyed my personal communication with each of the interested parties. Keep up the great work!" - Dick Cooper - Leavenworth, Kansas - 10 Dec, 2013
"To barnstormers: I have sold a propeller and a Benedict GPS. As a seller, this is the best site I have ever used and the buyers are so great as fellow pilots. Both of my items sold in less than three days. Thanks, Barnstormers. When I want to buy or sell airplane parts, I go here." - Jim Henderson - Bell Sky Pilots LLC - Reedley, California - 26 Nov, 2013