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"Once again I am thanking you for your assistance. I saw that you had our raffle highlighted in the Barnstomers eFlyer. Registrations have been flying in today! Terrific response! Deb" - Deborah Aschmann - Angel Flight Southeast, a member of the Air Charity Network - Leesburg, Florida - 11 Aug, 2020
"After advertising my Varieze on Barnstormers I had offers for a deposit in 24 hours and by the time I canceled it had sold the plane for the full amount and over 20 responses!" - Michael Malocsay - Golden, Colorado - 03 Jul, 2020
"I just sold my Kitfox 5. Listing the airplane with Barnstormers led to many great conversations with potential buyers. Thank you for providing a first rate method to connect." - Art Keeler - Clancy, Montana - 27 May, 2020
"Hey guys I just sold my Cessna 172.... Good grief, I only had it listed for 3 days with a Homepage Featured Ad. Thanks, you guys rock..... :)" - Doug Frame - Lore City, Ohio - 19 Dec, 2019
"Love the web site and shopping for aircraft and supplies." - Archie Roberts - Sturgis - 03 Dec, 2019
"Love your Website! Thanks, Barnstormers!" - Henry Fore - Hope, Idaho - 25 Nov, 2019
"Love your site, the best one for buying and selling aircraft and parts anywhere." - John D Sims - MilCom Technical Inc - Markham, Ontario, Canada - 23 Nov, 2019
"Keep up the good work with your site. I have sold three planes through Barnstormers and hopefully a fourth... three for friends, one for me." - John Amundsen - Yucca Valley, California - 08 Sep, 2019
"BARNSTORMERS.COM did it again!!! My tailwheel SOLD!!! And to a local guy. Met with him yesterday. Happy about the purchase. Thank You! Thank You!!" - Ray Testa - TESTA ENTERPRISES - Pinehurst, North Carolina - 05 Sep, 2019
"Thanks to Barnstormers I have sold my B-55 Baron and Cessna 185 Amphibian." - Richard Ferrell - MSF - Broussard, Louisiana - 22 Aug, 2019
"I love your website! I’m a “retired” disabled vet. But recently got my "BasicMed" and hoping I can find something to fly. Your site helps keep the dream alive for me. Cheers and Blessings!" - Bill Rushing - Springfield, Virginia - 03 Jul, 2019
"Keep up the great work... you have positively changed the aviation marketplace, and we all appreciate you and your team!!!" - Robert Walker - Heirborne, LLC - Lake Waukomis, Missouri - 05 Jun, 2019
"My SUPER DECATHLON sold this week. Had lots of hits from you guys including the buyer. Thank you BARNSTORMERS!" - Michael Curtis - Bayfield, Ontario, Canada - 23 May, 2019
"I have enjoyed Barnstormers for many years. It is THE single source marketplace that I like to peruse. Great job with all you do." - John Mullis - Germantown, Tennessee - 16 May, 2019
"BARNSTORMERS is great! We are lucky to have your services. Keep it up." - Werner Meyer - Venice, Florida - 12 May, 2019
"Posted my ad on April 28th. Closed the deal on my Zenith 701 today, May 8th. Was in contact with the buyer about a week before he came and bought the plane. THANKS BARNSTORMERS!" - Don Herbel - Collinsville, Oklahoma - 08 May, 2019
"Barnstormers is just too good. Within 15 minutes of posting my 1980 Piper Warrior II ad, two people contacted me and the second one bought it. Thank you BARNSTORMERS !!" - John Miller - Austin, Texas - 28 Apr, 2019
"Thanks to Barnstormers our 2009 Zenith CH 601 received an offer with a deposit within 6 days of the posting. Due Dilligence has taken a few weeks. The sale closed on Wednesday April 11th. Thanks!" - Doug Eaton - Redding, California - 16 Apr, 2019
"I’ll take a look at some Champs you have for sale after work tomorrow - that was the whole point of selling the gliders - Barnstormers has a way better pool of powered planes - I like Barnstormers better than Trade-A-Plane!" - Michael Simmons - Glider Pilot . Retired Airbus Pilot - Harrisburg, North Carolina - 07 Apr, 2019
"A great online publication!" - Max Khan - Lago Vista, Texas - 03 Apr, 2019
"Thank you for offering such an affordable service! I think it will be sold next week, we're waiting for the weather. I definitely have and will recommend your service in the future. Thank you, John " - John Stoltz - Brush Prairie, Washington - 03 Apr, 2019
"My Sonex sold because of your fantastic site…. Thank you!!!!" - Lloyd Perkins - Eagle Aviation of Virginia - Fredericksburg, Virginia - 25 Feb, 2019
"Hey Folks, thank you! That was fast. You know I’ve sold and purchased two planes and some parts from Barnstormers. Y’all have the best customer service in the whole world. So friendly, quick, and oh I’d say comforting knowing you’re there for us all... keep it up. See ya... " - Richard Miller - Soledad, California, USA - 03 Feb, 2019
"Thanks. My 1949 Cessna 140A sold 5 days after posting the ad. I’ve also bought my replacement aircraft, a M20J, through your excellent web site. Thanks so much, Barnstormers. All the best." - Ken Ekman - Palm Coast, Florida, USA - 22 Jan, 2019
"Thank you, Barnstormers! You're providing an exceptional service for everyone - both in and out of aviation!" - Rick Westling - Salome, Arizona, USA - 22 Dec, 2018