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"I've been using Barnstormers for many years, not long after its inception some years back, and I've bought and sold airplanes, helicopters, and far too many parts and parachutes to mention, on it! You've always offered a better service than the age old (1937) "yellow paper"! I've talked to and met many people around the world... talking airplanes and about products I was selling or purchased from others, and Barnstormers always has been first when they mention a "can get it out and seen" advertising source. Thank you for the services you've made available to pilots and others worldwide. Keep up the outstanding work." - Russ Sharpe - Oakdale, California - 14 Jan, 2013
"Thank you, Barnstormers! I sold my 1946 Aeronca Champ in the first week the ad was posted. That's the third airplane I've sold on Barnstormers..." - Erbin Baumgardner - Riceville, Tennessee - 02 Jan, 2013
"Sold my RV-9A in 9 days - Thanks Barnstormers!" - Joe Connell - Stewartville, Minnesota - 03 Dec, 2012
"Sold my 150 off Barnstormers today which I bought off Barnstormers 3 yrs ago. Bought a 172 off Barnstormers last week....Thank you!" - Mark Pollard - Brenham, Texas - 02 Dec, 2012
"Thanks to your website, my 1975 Piper Arrow was sold to the first respondent, the first day the ad appeared." - Gary Smith - Bath, New York - 21 Nov, 2012
"Thank you for this opportunity to sell my Loehle P5151RG. I received 4 phone calls within 2 hours of posting and 4 emails within 8 hours. Over the entire month, I had at least one call or email per day. Wow! The aircraft sold yesterday to one of the first callers. Thank you, again. Blue Skies!" - James Howard Mixon - Fayetteville, North Carolina - 18 Nov, 2012
"The response to the ad in Barnstormers was great, many really interested and helpful people sent follow up on parts that have been very difficult to locate. Great service to the aviation community by Barnstormers and appreciation to the active and extremely helpful members. Many Thanks." - Bill Harris - Evergreen, Colorado - 14 Oct, 2012
"Wow getting 12-20 calls or emails a day. Love this website. I appreciate the opportunity to advertise on Barnstomers and I do plan on much more advertising in the future. I love Barnstomers and look forward to a long standing relationship." - David Taylor, Auctioneer - Upstate Auction Service LLC - Inman, South Carolina - 10 Oct, 2012
"I recently inherited the remnants of my father's experimental plane build. After his passing I was left with a set of floats that I personally had no use for. It was suggested that I post them to Without knowing who made them or even what to call them other than "pontoons" or "floats", I had very little information to post. Within 24 hours several people had made contact with me advising me what I should look for and pointing me to the right direction for more information. The ad was then changed to include more information and the floats sold within 32 hours. If it wasn't for this site and the helpful people that visit it, I would have had no alternative but to toss them for the price of scrap aluminum." - David Haak - Williamsburg, Virginia - 14 Aug, 2012
"Through Barnstormers, I recently sold a Cessna 150 to the nicest couple on the planet! I highly recommend Barnstormers for serious buyers." - Michelle Mangione - Michelle Mangione Publishing - Long Beach, California - 10 Jul, 2012
"Just wanted to let you know that we negotiated terms of sale on the Glacier Cub today. The response to the ad on your website was amazing. I think I exceeded the minutes on my phone plan. You really should warn people :) I was also surprised to receive many calls from my dad's old friends who didn't know he had taken his last flight. Your site has quite the following. Thanks for your help." - Philip Garis Jr. - Etna, California - 26 Jun, 2012
"Always good doing business with you folks. You have sold two other aircraft for me and looking forward to the third sale. Thanks again." - Chuck Greene - Argyle, Texas - 29 May, 2012
"Just wanted to say what a wonderful website and service you provide. Congratulations on such an easy to use, colorful and informative aircraft shopping forum. Thanks a million, and here's wishing you continued success!" - Dave Koseruba - Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida - 28 May, 2012
"I submitted an ad for a Taildragger late last night. Before noon today I had three telephone calls and several email responses. The aircraft was sold at asking price to the first caller." - George Kilishek - Dallas, Texas - 21 May, 2012
"We submitted an ad 5 days ago for an Ercoupe 415C, and after 4 days, we have a deposit on the plane, and 3 others to notify if he falls thru. We were totally amazed at the response. Thank you so much." - Karen & Carl Loser - Rancho Cordova, California - 18 Mar, 2012
"My Supercub has had about 20 inquiries and 3 offers to buy my plane sight unseen-from photos only!I Accepted first full price offer within 48 hours of posting ad. Thank you Barnstormers!!" - Katharine Daily - Williston, Vermont - 29 Feb, 2012
"Please place a SOLD sign over my plane. Barnstormers Homepage Featured Ad for my plane brought a buyer." - Bob Miller - Beloit, Kansas - 11 Jan, 2012
"The first place I go when I want to dream about buying a plane is Barnstormers. So when my dream came true and I was actually shopping for a plane I came to Barnstormers. I found the ad for the Tomahawk I wanted Saturday and bought it on Sunday." - David Hawkins - Barefoot Bay, Florida - 09 Jan, 2012
"I found my Maule MXT 180 on Barnstormers... bought it at a reasonable price... listed my Cessna 150 and sold it... all within 4 weeks... all in a terrible economy. Thanks BARSTORMERS!!!!!" - Charles Munsey - Nancy, Kentucky - 10 Dec, 2011
"Sold my JABIRU SP the first day. Can't say enough about BARNSTORMERS. I had several calls from all over the country. The first person that called bought it. Thanks so much, your service sure worked for me." - Al Ross - Carefree, Arizona - 05 Dec, 2011
"I have always enjoyed BARNSTORMERS. It is the first place I do business for everything aviation. Your website sold my Kitfox in a little over one day. Thanks again." - Rod Kerr - Pollock Pines, California - 29 Nov, 2011
"Sold my Tri-Pacer in 48 hours. Every item I've posted on Barnstormers has sold within a week. Can't beat Barnstomers for selling aircraft." - Erbin Baumgardner - Riceville, Tennessee - 09 Nov, 2011
"Thanks for a KILLER website! I love ALL of it. BARNSTORMERS is THE BEST! " - Mark Rubenstein - Friendswood, Texas - 06 Apr, 2011
"I listed my Cessna Ag Wagon yesterday 4-4-2011 about 12.40 P.M. I had a call within 2 minutes of posting, and sold it within 20 minutes. I could not believe it! I thought it would take a month or more. Thank you BARNSTORMERS!!" - Roland Gilliam - Carthage, North Carolina - 05 Apr, 2011
"I had completed 1/3 of my Murphy Rebel Kit and because of buying a new business, decided to sell the Kit "as is". I advertised in Trade-A-Plane for 6 months and received "0" calls. I placed the same ad in Barnstormers and had several inquiries within several days and sold the Kit within three weeks of placing my ad. Great Site!" - John Curtis - Warrenton, Virgina - 27 Mar, 2011