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"I just wanted to drop y'all a note thanking all of you at BARNSTORMERS.COM for your help with selling my 1946 Ercoupe 415-CD. From the day I listed the airplane to the day escrow closed on the completed sale (for a price I was very pleased to accept) was 15 calendar days. It took me more than a year to sell my Harley using eBay and Craigslist, etc. This was the easiest sale I ever made thanks to all of you at BARNSTORMERS.COM." - Ward 'Cleaver' Marsh - MARSH-AERO - Dixon, California - 21 Mar, 2011
"I am very pleased with the results of the ad I placed on BARNSTORMERS.COM. I received 16 inquiries on the first day, sold to the second. I highly recommend BARNSTORMERS for anyone wanting to sell an airplane." - Jerry Gordon - - Green Valley, Arizona - 15 Mar, 2011
"My 1955 APACHE has been sold to the 3rd caller of 46 callers! Thanks BARNSTORMERS!" - Wayman Cavaness - Buncombe, Illinois - 16 Feb, 2011
"Sold my Scott 3200 tailwheel to first caller in less than 24 hours of posting ad. Easy to post ads, easy to sell. Barnstormers works!" - Erbin Baumgardner - Mouse Creek Perennial Farm - Riceville, Tennessee - 05 Feb, 2011
"Well done! I thank you for the greatest service you provided for general aviation in 2010. Nothing like BARNSTORMERS.COM on this PLANET!!!" - Tudor Barglazan - Delray Beach, Florida - 25 Dec, 2010
"I sold the Cozy Mark IV, and feel very good about the results on Barnstormers. I had 18 inquiries and two opportunities to sell. Thanks BARNSTORMERS!" - Virginia Weaver - Kearney, Missouri - 02 Dec, 2010
"Just a short note to say THANKS, BARNSTORMERS. My Tripacer sold today. Many more calls after the Homepage Featured Ad placement." - Mark Lewandowski - Niagara Falls, New York - 30 Nov, 2010
"BARNSTORMERS is the best of the best, if your selling anything that deals with aircraft or flying. I posted an ad for Aeronca wing parts for sale, and in less than two hours I had it all sold! It just doesn't get any better than that!" - Dennis Biro - Bloomington, Indiana - 30 Nov, 2010
"I only needed my TWO TAYLORCRAFTS ad for two hours. I put the ad in at 16:30 and sold them at 18:30 the same day. The ad on BARNSTORMERS.COM has done its work well." - Terry L. Johnson - TWO TEN AERO - Alamogordo, New Mexico - 24 Oct, 2010
"Thank You BARNSTORMERS. I sold the Champ to the first caller at my full asking price. I showed it last Friday, and will deliver it locally this Friday. Thanks again to BARNSTORMERS" - Steve Vaughan - Willis, Texas - 20 Oct, 2010
"My PITTS S-1 PROJECT was sold 5 minutes after listing it on BARNSTORMERS.COM. I spent the next 5 days saying sorry to about 50 other potential buyers. WOW! Thanks.... Looks like my CESSNA 140 will sell tomorrow!!!!" - Dale Cuckler - Tulsa, Oklahoma - 17 Oct, 2010
"Barnstormers is one heck of a great source for aircraft owners. I have gotten many good deals from your advertisers in the past. Your going the extra mile and finding the CESSNA 172N ad for me just adds to the value of your great service! I am probably going to purchase this airplane. Thank you very much!" - Harold Truesdale - Truesdale Photographics - Manning, South Carolina - 16 Oct, 2010
"My 1946 Swift sold in five days. As of today, it is on its way to Texas. BARNSTORMERS did an excellent job of showing and advertising. I had over 30 calls on it in the first two days, and 3 other guys waiting to buy it if the first guy did not buy it." - Merlin Stevens - Tulsa, Oklahoma - 21 Sep, 2010
"My C-170A airplane is sold. Thank you BARNSTORMERS.COM for your help and wonderful service. Your site is what sold my airplane." - Mike Smith - Grass Valley, California - 16 Sep, 2010
"BARNSTORMERS.COM is far and away the BEST site and the tech support is excellent. The Baroness is a marvel! My Bonanza V35B sold over the phone in 5 days and was picked up from across the country and paid-for in 8 days... at almost the asking price! Got no response from two issues of TAP, and none from my local newspaper classifieds, both of which were more costly than Barnstormers, which drew an average of 2 calls a day." - Bruce Augustus - Sun Valley, Idaho - 14 Sep, 2010
"I appreciate instant service and that is what I have received since advertising on BARNSTORMERS.COM. I don't see you have any competition from the response I receive on your website! People that go elsewhere are nuts! You can quote me on that!" - Harvey Swack, the Guru - Great Airplanes Inc. - Needham Hts, Massachusetts - 02 Sep, 2010
"BARNSTORMERS.COM has a lot better service than Trade-A-Plane and I just sold my CESSNA 150M COMMUTER through your website!!! The buyer is picking it up this morning!!!!!" - Mel Webste - Nettleton, Mississippi - 23 Aug, 2010
"I have used Barnstormers for the last three airplanes I have had to sell and got great response from the ads. I appreciate your site, particurlarly the ease in which ads can be placed and edited, as well as the search feature. Thanks again." - Jim Wright - Bristow, Oklahoma - 20 Aug, 2010
"I am happy to tell you the Pacer is sold!!! I sold it to the first fellow that looked at it, on the first day the ad came out. Because of Oshkosh last week, we did not close till today... I had a ton of emails and lots of calls. Thanks for your good advice on the upgrade to a Homepage Featured Ad.... best investment I have made in a long time!!! Thanks, BARNSTORMERS!" - Joe Casey - Prior Lake, MN - 03 Aug, 2010
"I want to let you know that my ad on BARNSTORMERS produced four phone calls in four days, the second of which resulted in the sale of my FALCON UL." - Jim Shaw - San Jose, California - 20 Jul, 2010
"I placed an ad on BARNSTORMERS.COM around the April/May 2010 timeframe, and the plane is sold. I also placed the ad in Trade-A-Plane, however all reponses came from my ad on BARNSTORMERS. Thanks to your popularity, I was able to sell this aircraft, an Avid Mark IV. I will be having another aircraft for sale shortly, and you can be rest assured that the ad will be on BARNSTORMERS.COM ONLY!" - George Charnitski - GAC ULTRALIGHTS - Walworth, New York - 11 Jul, 2010
"Thanks BARNSTORMERS. You were correct. The front page gets results. I had five calls the first three days and the plane is sold. Thanks again." - Roger Shinkle - Grapevine, Texas - 12 Jun, 2010
"While I was placing my ad on BARNSTORMERS.COM I was not getting my hopes up for selling my RV6A in this down economy. I optioned for BARNSTORMERS Homepage photo upgrade as well as the link to my business web site so I could connect all my additional information and photos that ads cannot allow. This ad link to my business website elevated my website to #1 on Yahoo search engine (when you type RV6A for sale), to #1 on the second page of Google, and to #8 on the MSN search engine. My plane sold to the first buyer with a full price offer. Now that is results!" - Nick McCleskey - McMinnville, Oregon, USA - 10 Jun, 2010
"I think Barnstormers is the "Cat's Meow" when it comes to web sites promoting the General Aviation Market Place. I especially enjoy the weekly eFlyer and visit your site weekly and sometimes daily. Keep up the good work. It has not gone unnoticed, as you probably already know. There should be some award (like an Oscar or Emmy) for 1st class web sites...especially one that is as easy to navigate as Barnstormers." - Tom Porterfield - Porterfield Propellers - Abernathy, Texas - 06 Jun, 2010
"You can tag my 1945 FRENCH STAMPE biplane SOLD!!! I can't express my satisfation with your site enough. Within 3 days of the ad going onto the front page, I had almost 20 inquiries. After 10 days, I had over 30, and the gentleman that bought it was one of the first responders. I want to thank all of the people that made inquiries for their interest. Just wish I had about 10 planes like this one to sell!!! If anyone wants to sell or buy an aircraft, BARNSTORMERS.COM is the place to advertise or to look. GREAT SITE and well worth the money." - Gayle Marlowe - Pueblo, Colorado, USA - 22 May, 2010